Curren$y & The Alchemist – Continuance (Review)

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Originally intended for a December release, Continuance is the penultimate release in a run of monthly releases for Spitta (check our review of the Harry Fraud produced Regatta). Alchemist meanwhile has been putting in work as usual, but is coming off Super Tecmo Bo with Boldy James (our review), where he has somehow managed to continue one upping his already stellar body of work. Well Continuance does more than measure up and keep than momentum going.

My Bapes 2006, the silhouette different
Always been the shit, I never yelled about it
She let me hit cause I’m legit and I don’t tell nobody,
Up in the morning watering my flowers while setting some on fire after emptying my grinder
You can’t fuck with me, just let this be a reminder
You could have her back if you find her, homie, and I ain’t hiding

The cover art for Continuance is a perfect embodiment of its sounds: Dense New Orleans blocks in a haze of bud. While on Covert Coupe and Carrolton Heist it was generally Curren$y going over Alchemist’s signature dark production, this time it is instead Al who leans into the lush NOLA soundscape. It amounts to what might be the prolific duo’s best work to date. It all starts off with “Half Moon Bay”, one of the most immaculate and natural beats in recent memory. With dancing electric keys and a dreamy guitar riff, it encapsulates Louisiana perfectly. Spitta brings his signature laidback rhymes, with an almost stream of thought vibe (“I can tell, this project gon be received well”). “Half Moon Bay” is pretty much the best appetizer for what this album is about: The dense, swampy southern beats, and the Curren$y we know and love (so cars, weed, and luxury), with some more introspective cuts.

“Reese’s Cup” has the rapid piano sample Alchemist always leans on so heavily, and with a more upbeat flow from Spitta, this song soundtracks a car chase through the wards. The whole album is very cinematic like this. Additionally, there are some old timey interview snippets on some songs that help build an atmosphere and tie it all together. Next is “No Yeast”, featuring a phenomenal Boldy James verse where he speaks on the come up and his place in the rap game over a watery vocal loop. “Obsession” has a commanding and memorable hook from Curren$y that touches on the grind and his hunger for success, as well as the obligatory Scarface references. The next run of tracks include some great features from frequent collaborators Havoc, Wiz Khalifa, and Styles P. The grittier beat on “Corvette Rally Stripes” is reminiscent of Carrolton Heist and sets up a dope Wiz verse (who has had a decent resurgence in recent years and a return to the mixtape style), while “Whale Watching” is evocative of bottle service on the yacht with a shrimp platter. Any more work between Al and these guys would be welcome.

My son too young to know that he a prince
I’m so grateful I had him when I was rich
Growing up, having nothing was a bitch
I’ll tell him ’bout it though, so he ain’t gon have to experience

Continuance moves on with “The Tonight Show”; An almost Middle Eastern instrumental gives Spitta a bit of a challenge to flow over which he meets well, rapping about cats who can’t hang with a kingpin like him. “Louis Baggage” features Babyface Ray, who, as a Detroit trapper, you would expect to be out of his element on an Alc beat, but he rips it and keeps showing his versatility. Spitta’s energy is high on the tremolo guitar and his punchline is killer: “I put her on a jet like Louis baggage”. The opening beat on “The Final Board” is so simple and open, but epic at the same time. A flow slow even for Curren$y lends power to his words, where he laments the conditions of the pandemic and raising a child through it all. The record begins to wind down with “Endurance Runners”; An album with these luxurious, warm vibes is incomplete without a verse from Larry June. Finally, there’s “Kool & The Gang”, where Curren$y gets really down to Earth. He admits to his failures, but appreciates how they made him the man he is today and how we can continue to grow from it.

Overall, this project is far more than just a continuation of the duo’s strong history; Rather, its a culmination. Perfect synergy between producer and MC, love poured into the work, and cohesion make Continuance some of Alchemist and Curren$y’s best work ever, hands down.

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