DaBoii 2022 Recap Playlist

Of all the members of SOB x RBE, DaBoii’s solo career has been the most exciting. With a flow that is equally packed with emotion & swagger, and his always daring ability to take up off-kilter instrumentals, all his albums wind up are filled with surprises. With another year behind him, we’ll take a look at some highlights.

Real Boii [Can’t Tame Us]

Can’t Tame Us felt like the perfect album of his. Features that fans of the new school west coast had been dying for, production wildly-varied, and DaBoii flawlessly performing on every track. That being said, it feels like no better way to kick off the album would be the track “Real Boii.” Against a beautifully simplistic beat, DaBoii spits a singular verse that flexes how untouchable he is.

3 Percs [Onna Gang]

While Can’t Tame Us felt like a quintessential album, Onna Gang was a quick second follow up that felt like bonus material. The quality may not be the same, but there is still plenty to take away from it. Tracks like “3 Percs” see him playing with the Detroit style flow, something he tried last year with the track “Detroit Flow.” Just like the previous year’s track, he drops an absurd amount of punchlines with a constantly enamoring voice.

Bananas [Single]

Unfortunately never landing on an album, DaBoii opened up the year with a flip of Gwen Stefani’s “Bananas.” Slightly incorporating the flow of the original track, he makes for a perfect modern update to the track. With a video that calls back to the days of MTV as well, its an amazing nostalgia trip as well as providing a wholly fresh take.

The Mekanix – Take It There [Donuts 2]

The legendary west coast producer duo The Mekanix released an album this year that saw DaBoii on his own song. Bending both their worlds together, they give DaBoii an instrumental that feels like his usual work but giving it the small flourishes that makes their work shine. Threatening anyone that wants to play games, DaBoii drops another engagingly cocky track.

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