Daily Discoveries (April 18th 2022)

Taking a look at tracks that have been found by us, daily.

Slump6s – proud

Being within the same lane that rappers like Yeat & Kankan have been grinding in, Slump6s has also been on his own come up. On his track “proud,” Slump6s tears right through the extremely minimally produced track. Flexing his current wealth with a hook barely on the track, the track is mind-numbingly pleasant in breakneck pace.

Da Wittness – Stained

With synths sounding like they’re winding up but never releasing, Da Witness spits his verses about being unfuckwittable. Playing no games, he hits plenty of pockets within the beat that lets him rip loose. While the track is not deep by any means, he keeps a fun vibe that’s too infectious to not enjoy.

$tupid Young – Fast & Furious Freestyle

While the “Tokyo Drift” sample has been done plenty of times, it never seems to get old. $tupid Young adds to the lineage with his track “Fast & Furious Freestyle.” With a flow based upon sucking his teeth, he sounds effortlessly cool & tired of other people’s bullshit.

RiskTakerLeek Ft. RR Lil Bra – Pass Da Cup

A track that sounds incredible with its sample usage, RiskTakerLeek & RR Lil Bra provide autotuned flows that let them rap about their gangster lifestyle. As soon as the beat drops the duo talk about the grind of their trap life, and as described they are always on the grind. Even they haven’t been home in forever, they know it’ll all pay off in the end.

Sauce Walka – What It Do

Sauce Walka had just dropped a track that sounded in the lane of hyperpop or “rage” with the track “No Wrestler,” and he has already returned with another cut. This time being more in the lane of what Yeat has been doing, Sauce drops a track without the autotune this time. Lining the track up with plenty of quotables, Sauce really brings the best of both worlds with the new style production and his classic Houston flow.

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