Daily Discoveries (April 24th 2022)

Taking a look at tracks that have been found by us, daily.


Grindhard E might not be at the forefront of the Michigan scene, but with the streak he’s been on, he might have to be. With a new album out, he provides a video for the song “Drank Talk.” Title being just as it sounds, he speaks on his sipping & trapping habits. All that wouldn’t be complete without his voice however, which is a easily one of the most hype & hardest out.

Lil Poppa & Yo Gotti – H Spot

Having just signed to Yo Gotti’s CMG label, which has brought together acts like EST Gee & 42 Dugg, Lil Poppa drops a song with the label’s CEO. Lil Poppa may not be the bar heavy act that has come to the label, but he’s got a pleasant melodic voice that pairs well with hustling lyrics. Yo Gotti isn’t exactly a highlight, but he’s better than a lot of other label heads tacked on verses ala Birdman.

Mike Sherm – Fuckin Around (ft. DaBoii)

A sparse piano but west coast style drums allows Mike Sherm to shine on this barebones beat. If he wasn’t hype enough, DaBoii slides through with his own signature enunciated flow. With a myriad of wealth & lifestyle choices to flex, the duo talks their shit with plenty of swagger.

Tre Pierre – Foes (ft. Veeze & Anakin) [prod. by ChaseTheMoney]

ChaseTheMoney works with more than his usual cohorts of Valee & Z-Money, and he proves that on the Tre Pierre song “Foes.” Coming from New Orleans, Tre Pierre links up with Veeze & Anakin to create a fast paced banger. While his production usually is more of an atmospheric style, using sparse synths & drums, this track features him using a more traditional trap style that still shines.

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