Daily Discoveries (April 2nd 2024)

Today’s playlist includes royal, diebysix, armani7 and more.


  1. Mark Raines – White Boi (Prod Twice!)
  2. irokkout – Thinking The Same Thing
  3. diebysix – promise (luc3nt bxxngan jannah)
  4. zuro – Juiced Up Prod 1sadboii
  5. royal – they could never make me hate you ft viyah (symelz epv)
  6. armani7 – changes prod violet
  7. Ova! – until my heart stop beating (violet)
  8. shyne – in the rain / down bad (cathxri nicksxlo)
  9. viyah – laugh tale (viyah)
  10. che – Miley Cyrus

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