Daily Discoveries (December 7th 2023)

Welcome to the reboot of the Daily Discoveries series. So, in the past the series focused on tracks found on a daily basis released within the last seven days playlisted together, alongside a write-up of some of the tracks. That’ll still be the plan, yet we’ll focus on using a Soundcloud playlist since that’s where a majority of the finds have been recently. If possible or needed, say most of the discoveries are on YouTube, there will be a YouTube playlist as well. A write-up is preferred for this series, but if it can’t be achieved due to personal reasons, then the post will still be made for just the playlist.

Just wanted to set a reintroduction of the series, hope you find some interesting tracks along this journey as well. Today’s playlist includes Osamason, 1600J, YhapoJJ, Kelz2Busy and more.

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