Daily Discoveries (January 29th 2024)

Today’s playlist includes bloodlessharmony, Yungbando, Squillo and more.

I’ll also be including tracklists for these since some of the songs get removed from the looks of it.


  1. bloodlessharmony – dsngr (ft. diehardpink) [dubx6]
  2. gl0ckst4r*777x – TOP DOG/w/Jaykatana
  3. Yungbando – yearsoftears w @Diorsantana
  4. Squillo – Big Dawg ( Prod. amsep )
  5. thr33 – No cosign ft smokingskul luracks(perc40)
  6. Kj2Ugly + Huncho4e + eastonrager – French Montana (p. eastonrager)
  7. Breeezy + Uso – stab yu (Prod Darius)
  8. osamason x vvspercs – round table
  9. wildkarduno – shoot brixks.mp3 (prod. perc40)
  10. smokingskul & wildkarduno – passion (prod. comix)

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