Daily Discoveries (July 15th 2022)

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Lil Manny – Not Rich

With some calm flows against a bouncy Michigan trap style production, Lil Manny flexes his wealth at such a young age. While others around haven’t gotten their ticket yet, he has and knows how to play the game. Speaking on how his work is moving, he is in a state where he’s already well off but will continue to grind.

PLevel Glo – Put It Up

What comes off as what will be a firey Michigan trap song, PLevel Glo comes in the worst way possible. His awful autotuned raps overpower the beat, but if that didn’t help all his bars are weak. In such a bar focused style of music, there is no time to waste for that. Yet here is PLevel Glo, wasting your time.

Lil Fat – What Happen to Trez

Doing a remix to Lil Durk’s “What Happened to Virgil,” Lil Fat does a much more personal track. Recounting the memories of his one of the closest people to him, the track serves as a heartfelt send off.

Big KB – Bitch At The Trap

Hitting some Memphis style flows, Big KB talks about his trap life. With drugs being sold left & right, he’s unafraid to go off if something feels off. To top it all off, he’s got a girl there too.

HotBlockStain – B*tch

In an extremely short track, HotBlockStain is fearless to hits out & get them done. Unlike others talking about their trap life, HotBlockStain is out there getting the dirty work done. Flexing his fits throughout the song, no one can touch the cost of his.

Icewear Vezzo – Sick (From The Block Performance)

In a performance on From The Block, Icewear Vezzo proves why he’s on top of the game. Not only is it a diss against others not holding their own, Vezzo pulls off the rhyme scheme like its nothing.

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