Daily Discoveries (July 18th 2022)

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1842Coldface – No Hook

Going in with no hook, 1842Coldface raps with the hardest cadence possible. Over a beat that sounds like it belongs in a sports stadium, he raps with as much aggression as possible. Showing no remorse for the dead, he continues to kill others through his bars.

Kasher Quon – Back Around

Coming from the same cloth that made Teejayx6, Kasher Quon is the other half of the Dynamic Duo series. Playing no games, he comes back like its nothing with his own brand of scam rap. Finding ways to make his money back up, he details it all.

WRG King – Run It Up

There ain’t no letting up with WRG King, as he slides through on a bouncy beat. Even though the song might be under two minutes, he rips through the track just to run it up. Making a hit so effortlessly, he disses whole cities simultaneously while calling for freeing of his boys.

Glockboy LA – Candy Shop

Sampling 50 Cent’s “Candy Shop,” Glockboy LA revisions the track as a Michigan trap song. Leaving the hook behind for endless bars, he knows no one is able to mess with him. Continuously dissing his opps, there’s no letting off the gas for him.

107 Leek – Like That

Over an NY Drill track, 107 Leek raps straight through the sample drill beat. Another diss heavy track, he’s got no problem talking on his beefs on the track.

Ckboy Donk – Off Da Head

While this hard straight forward track gets interrupted with a nutting skit, that doesn’t take away from the impact of CkBoy Donk’s bars. Over the sparse instrumental, it lets Donk get cocky about his trap life.

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