Daily Discoveries (July 20th 2022)

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Big J – Belly

Every thing about this feels unfortunately lazy. With it being posted on Philthy Rich’s YouTube channel, you would assume a much stronger artist. Big J delivers this sloppily delivered flow that barely holds together against the unremarkable beat.

Mylo P – Armed & Dangerous

A track that starts slowly, ramps up unexpectedly halfway through. While “Armed & Dangerous” is a term that could be found in multiple tracks from the likes of Juice WRLD, Biggie, & King Von to name a few, Mylo P tries to enter the ranks. In the second half of the track he goes off into this immaculate energy, where he rapidly chants his bars.

Shawn Eff – Trust Issues

This lowkey cut from Fresno rapper Shawn Eff showcases his emotional traumas. As much as he wanted things to work out, he knows when to walk away. The track has this super blown out bass that provides a bouncy rhythm for him to pour his heart on.

4KCam x Foreignboy T – Janky

Dropping a hook that feels reminiscent of some classic west coast rap like Too $hort, the duo raps about how they can’t hang with broke women. Their cold flows sound effortless over the airy instrumental. They play off their styles well, going after one another to elevate the energy of their verses.

HotBoy Trun – Paid Off Grass

In a live performance, HotBoy Trun describes how the trap life let him find success. Recounting the hurt he’s had to deal with to get to this status, the Texas rapper lets his life out on the mic. His slow flow with a southern drawl lets all his words stick with you.

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