Daily Discoveries (July 22th 2022)

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Rot Ken – Bool

While he brings these adlibs that can be found in so many other tracks, his voice itself feels unique enough to hold the track together. Flexing his wealth to show off his party life & women, Rot Ken feels comfortable against this type of production. The beats tinny synths directly contrast the heavy bass.

Geo2Times – Chicago

Coming from NY but recognizing the Chicago scene that came before him, Geo2Times brings a heavy drill track. Directly dissing his opps, he goes in at all of them. With a voice that’s commanding, he makes his presence known on the track.

Savage Li Co – Harder Thoughts

In this live performance, the Alabama rapper, delivers a melodic flow that describes his story. Detailing everything from the car crash to being broke, all these thoughts weigh a heavy toll. That said, Savage Li Co carries on with a fantastic track.

Mistah F.A.B. – O.W Gurley (ft. Philthy Rich)

It may not be a new track, but Mistah F.A.B.’s album Black Designer remains one of the better releases this year. This track that sees him teaming up with another Cali rap legend, Philthy Rich, the duo rap over an extremely lush instrumental. Recounting the days of being broke & struggling, they can now live the good life.

Young JR, Philthy Rich & Dolla Dame – I’m Good

Teaming up with other Cali rappers, Philthy Rich’s track sees him cosigning some newer talent. Young JR delivers a hook that gets easily stuck in your head, although this over a fairly standard West Coast instrumental. Hearing others look up to him pushes Philthy Rich to further successes as he proves himself on the track.

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