Daily Discoveries (July 7th 2024)

Today’s playlist includes vlorich, jahh, zyler and more.


  1. royal – i know what she want ft scis (symelz)
  2. zyler – rip nunu okaypablo
  3. vlorich – kno wat we on‎ (@nightgoer)
  4. drazdid911 – midnight club prod me
  5. 9smjay – no plans ( symelz ) デ
  6. Komindown – hit sumn w 2cb (drxl)
  7. drxl – counterfeit (cabber)
  8. yercski – not what it seem (backxster)
  9. jahh – fall in love in the rain (nami&n1lssture)
  10. Jdennn – CC w seliante

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