Daily Discoveries (June 25th 2024)

Today’s playlist includes kin, Kylah, jannah and more.


  1. Ova! – you not the first to hurt me (jannah)
  2. kin – mind space (shyne)
  3. ovanni – eyes closed (me n jos)
  4. jovan – step in lenox (dmtnas)
  5. 9smjay – rainin blood ( 9smjay symelz ) ろ
  6. saga – everyone was there but you
  7. backxster – for no reason {spirxt} #dmc
  8. jannah – crying to me w/ nicky (meta)
  9. Kylah – I’m burried underneath this heavy weight, you moved on ft rage & nicky (Dimple + Revert)
  10. momo (@lovinuhurts) – broke me into pieces (ft jovan/prod sentencc)

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