Daily Discoveries (June 26th 2024)

Today’s playlist includes hollowtiphero, dayyK, Lil Xelly and more.


  1. 3hard – mt everest (prod. whyceg)
  2. Lil Xelly – People [Prod: GRP$]
  3. RewindRaps – The Spread (Prod. Pink Molli)
  4. Tooly? – Yuppy (30nickk)
  5. trenchbabyeli – Stars (Prod. Wizardpem)
  6. hollowtiphero – krab walk ft wildkarduno (makkgin)
  7. sgpwes – gorgeous prod 6houl
  8. dayyK – dayy comin for ya p. jaetrapp
  9. YhapoJJ – Get em Gone (prod. finmatheson.wav)
  10. Pradabagshawty – Lame Fukk (p. Shiro)

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