Daily Discoveries (March 31st 2024)

Today’s playlist includes zone1eriic, glo, Wock! and more.


  1. squillo – FXK TRAPGOTH x KNOCCA
  2. 2sdxrt3all + Lil Birdie – Dirtybird (Prod. Whyceg)
  3. zone1eriic – GLOBAL x 4eRed (HARIROC)
  4. Wock! – Thug With Us *prodvices
  5. lad̩ Рlax
  6. samosthated Рduss̩ p. goyxrd
  7. shyne – did you bad (symelz jkjmetasco)
  8. scis – devoured (violet)
  9. Ova! – new beginnings (violet)
  10. glo – flash out prod swish

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