Daily Discoveries (May 3rd 2022)

Taking a look at tracks that have been found by us, daily.

Lil Zay Osama – GlahGlah

Lil Zay Osama has been a player in the current Chicago drill wave, and his newest song solidifies him even further. While his album material is more hook focused, this track cuts all that out & laces it with a straight verse. Hard & menacing bars are laid to the heavy bassy beat with some immensely eerie synths running throughout it.


“Shot in the Party” starts off subtle, but as soon as Sha Ek’s voice comes in everything goes off. Another heater from the NY Drill star, he shouts his way through a fresh sample drill track. Being as young as he is, all his flexes get more & more outrageous as his notoriety rises.

Lil Kee – Letter 2 My Brother

A member of Lil Baby’s 4PF label, Lil Kee drops a song of his own. His heart-wrenching vocal delivery is elevated by his lyrics of his loss brother. As if you couldn’t hear the pain through the song itself already, at the end the beat drops out, leaving him alone vocalizing his pain.

Shyst Wayne – Big Steppa

Bombastic horns blow throughout the beat on Shyst Wayne’s song “Big Steppa.” The beat feels like from the bygone era of trap heavy hitters like Gucci Mane came up off of, but Shyst brings his own fresh flow. With a hook that would go off perfectly in a club, Shyst’s energy throughout the song is incredibly infectious.

S5 x R3 Da Chilliman – Rock & Roll

Trading bars on the hook creates a hypnotic flow that sticks with you is the mission of “Rock & Roll.” This doesn’t detract from the gun talk & dangerous lifestyle both S5 & R3 Da Chilliman detail. True products of the LA sound, the duo create a West Coast banger.

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