Daily Discoveries (May 8th 2022)

Taking a look at tracks that have been found by us, daily.

Duvy – Phases

Turning nothing to something, Duvy’s track “Phases” gets to highlight his new life & not looking back. With his melodies sliding over the piano trap instrumental, he sounds perfect where he’s at. The track hits a nice stripped back version of the instrumental at the back end of the track, letting his voice shine even more than it already did.

JayDaYoungan – Almighty Flow

Coming off of a new EP, JayDaYoungan drops a new video for one of the tracks from it. While the EP has more highlights than this one, this one features him getting in touch with his more emotional side & thoughts on women in his life. In context of the EP, it winds up being a weaker track in the list.

Play2ndLyfe – Informant

What feels originally as a structured track, Play2ndLyfe’s track “Informant” quickly reveals itself as a freestyle riffing track in it’s short runtime. The instrumental features a fast paced trap hi hats, with a slow paced guitar that adds to the overall feel. Play2ndLyfe originally comes in nice with a vocal delivery & concerns from people in his life, but unfortunately falls apart with mindless vocal riffing & becoming wildly off-topic.

Gutta Muney – Bout This

Over what feels like a bootleg “Back in Blood” beat, Gutta Money delivers a live performance of “Bout This.” Being a native of Tennessee, he perfectly capture’s the flow his state has been putting on. Speaking on his drug usage & trap life, he speaks with absolute confidence like no one else can get in his way.

Da 2winz – Heat Check (Freestyle)

Starting off with some beautiful melodies at the start, Da 2winz tap into LiveBox for a freestyle. Once the melodies are over, the duo drops right into the Memphis flow that is incredibly hype. Going off on both of their verses, they rip right through the beat giving one of the best freestyles out.

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