DC The Don New Deluxe for “Funeral” Releasing September 22nd

Wisconsin rapper DC The Don will be releasing a new deluxe in 2023. For the previously released album Funeral, the deluxe will release September 22nd. This new edition takes the tracklist up from sixteen tracks to twenty-two tracks.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Funeral
  2. Luv
  3. Story of My Life
  4. Hate The New You
  5. Let’s Pretend?
  6. Shawty
  7. Tell Shyanne
  8. Hate Being Lonely
  9. Out of My Body (ft. 6LACK)
  10. My Jacket Don’t Fit You
  11. Bankrupt :/
  12. 12AM
  13. Friends..
  14. Way Too Much
  15. Working on Dyin
  16. Used 2 Be/Me
  17. You Forgot Abt Me
  18. Melatonin
  19. Going Stuck
  20. Fight or Flight
  21. Intuition
  22. I’m Losing It

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