December 2021 NY Drill Music Round-Up Playlist

Eli Fross – Steppas Freestyle (ft. Sleepy Hallow)

Eli Fross finally released a proper album that should bring plenty of attention to him. On Book of Eli, he brings some of his biggest songs to date with “Growing Up Gangsta” and “Exposing Me Part 2.” It also sees him linking with Lil Zay Osama & Sleepy Hallow. This track uses Great John’s production to bring an earworm sample.

Top finesser, I could sell some water to a fuckin’ fish
Top aggressor, I can’t follow victim to no stupid shit

TTS Tana x Kenzo Balla x TG Crippy – Choppy Shop

While “Candy Shop” by 50 Cent was a catchy anthem for the women, these three reclaim it as a street banger. All of them bring straight heat in their verses, endless dissing. Not one of them wastes a bar. Kenzo & TG are some of the best in the scene without a major spotlight on them right now.

Yea I’m crip but I want you to bleed

KD x Bz x Twin Balla – Warning

As if 21 Savage’s original song “Running” wasn’t cold enough, “Warning” is a heartless drill remix. KD4LWB has come off of two albums this year and both are beginnings of something great. When KD says that he’s “going to talk a little crazy,” it’s a massive understatement. The trio play off each other’s verses like its nothing.

Yus Gz – PG-13

Sampling video games has been a staple of hip hop but these samples in drill are a rarity. On this track, the Smash Brothers Brawl anthemic theme is flipped into a drill banger. Yus Gz voice is harsh and absurdly raw, sounding like he smoked multiple packs of cigarettes before recording. There are some that don’t do the voice good, such as rappers like Blockwork, but Yus Gz makes an incredible banger with his voice.

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