Defcee & Messiah Musik New Album “The Golem of Brooklyn Original Soundtrack” Releasing September 29th

Chicago MC Defcee will be teaming up with Baltimore producer Messiah Musik for a new release in 2023. Titled The Golem of Brooklyn Original Soundtrack, it is set to release September 29th. The album’s sole feature will be from Bobbito Garcia.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Emet: 400 Pounds of Clay
  2. The Golem of Brooklyn Theme Song
  3. Creation Myth
  4. Hipster Kabob (ft. Bobbito Garcia)
  5. The Golem Speaks
  6. Thrash, Memory
  7. Lord Costanza The Third
  8. Kosher Nostra
  9. The Procession of the Grand Rebbe
  10. Knights of Broken Glass
  11. Miri’s Lament
  12. Met: Confederate Flags in Tel-Aviv

From the Bandcamp description:

The Golem of Brooklyn Original Soundtrack is a companion piece to Adam Mansbach’s new novel of the same name. Defcee uses the book and its characters to examine Jewish-American culture in all its beauty, ugliness, and the spaces in between. The album is fully produced by Messiah Musik, who worked hand in hand with Defcee to execute the vision sonically and thematically. The album will be released on September 29th via Closed Sessions.

From Defcee:
“When I first read The Golem of Brooklyn, it was instantly relatable to my experience as a Jewish millennial. I saw too much of myself in Len’s shlubby anxiety; in Miri’s existential struggle between unconditional faith and the desire to find herself outside of that context; and in The Golem’s general frustration and annoyance with any and everything that makes him want to hurtle concrete hulks across open spaces. It inspired me to write an album about being white and Jewish, which I’ve always thought about writing. I’m grateful it’s in the framework of a brilliant work of literature–hilarious, thoughtful, vivid, and educational, the hallmarks of my favorite novels. The soundtrack is, hopefully, reflective of those qualities.”

Pre-Order on Bandcamp

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