Eddie Kaine & Big Ghost Ltd. New Album “Last Exit to Crooklyn” Releasing April 2nd

Brooklyn artist Eddie Kaine & producer Big Ghost Ltd. will be releasing a new album in 2024. Titled Last Exit to Crooklyn, the album will release April 2nd. The duo’s previous album was released October of 2021.

From the Instagram announcement post:

For those who had the chance to hear it…the first @_eddiekaine & #BigGhostLtd project “A Tree Grows In Brooklyn” stood apart from most of what dropped in 2021. It was rugged, ignorant, street…yet warm, wise, n soulful. The reception was strong.. but it was also kinda overshadowed by higher profile releases (despite selling out 1,000 vinyk copies via @derapwinkel.nl almost instantly).

What made Kaino (n the work he continues to put out) so unique is he could be street without catching 20 bodies per record n hitting you over the head w endless brick talk. He could also be introspective without isolating his audience from his world. He could connect w the listener on multiple levels. The beats of course offered the perfect backdrop for him to do what he does best. We knew that it only made sense to come back w another one. So we did that.

When it came time to start on the followup…we wanted to avoid the obvious “sequel” route n go a different direction. What ended up happening was a lot of the same essence that made A Tree… so personal n relatable had crept its way onto the album anyways. But it’s still a different story w new perspectives n some artistic maturity thrown in the mix.

Eddie is an emcee first n foremost…but he also touches on topics n has a gift for making you feel like thats ya mans from round the way just talking to you. If you looking for centrifugal integral whimsical ventricle type word salads you might be disappointed. Eddie raps so you can understand what he wants to tell you the first time around…n you might still catch more layers in the wordplay on the next listen.

We hope you feel compelled to join us for another walk thru these Bed Stuy sidewalks n buildings. This the “Last Exit To Crooklyn”

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