EST Gee & 42 Dugg – Last Ones Left (Review)

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Collab albums, while exciting on paper, are often a blatant disappointment; Either not meshing the two rappers’ styles or having one clearly outshine the other, they can be very hit or miss. Last Ones Left is a different story though. 42 Dugg and EST Gee already have established chemistry, high energy, and come through with an album which is actually well constructed and memorable.

Part of what makes Last Ones Left work so well is the contrast between Dugg and Gee’s styles; Gee is a raw, mean spitter while Dugg has such a high voice and can get more melodic. Breaking up each other’s parts with such variety makes for a well rounded listen which elevates the album at least to the heights of their solo work. Additionally, they stay putting on for their crews despite the stardom by including features. The standout feature is Big30 though, who happens to be right on these two’s level as the hottest in trap today.

Lyrically, Dugg and Gee bring it. Gee always finds simple, yet clever one liners which you can’t believe haven’t been used before (“I got two stoves, eight pots!”). Dugg meanwhile has a chaotic energy and his voice cuts through so distinctly, for example just bragging on how he’s got ice bowls in the cut. The fact these two work together so much and stay tight is so good to see, especially with how they inspire each other’s styles.

Production wise, this is pretty much everything you’d expect from the Detroit or other burgeoning trap scenes. ForeverRolling contributes a lot and puts that cascading, bouncy sound on some serious bangers. Like King of Killbranch or Who is Nardo Wick, there is even a slightly futuristic, synthy, cinematic twist that is pushing the trap sound forward lately. The beats themselves might not be hit makers, but they keep the energy high and are head nodders that let the rapping shine.

Overall, Last Ones Left thankfully lived up to its potential. It’s great that these two artists are sticking together and not selling out despite the stardom, putting out one of the best trap or collab albums of recent years.

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