February 2022 NY Drill Music Round-Up Playlist

Mori Briscoe – Glitch

Mori Briscoe’s song “Glitch” breaks all barriers. Taking the Charli XCX sample, Jersey Club drums, and some sounds found in NY Drill music, Mori makes one of the most unique songs in the scene to date. Lacing it with typical opp talk, Mori’s deep voice surprisingly follows the bouncy beat easily. His hook of the simply delivered “Glitch, Glitch, Glitch, Keep Glitching” makes for a hit.

We from Brooklyn but sounding like Jersey

Pj Glizzy – Gambling (ft. Wockhardt)

The simple sample features PJ Glizzy with one of his most aggressive flows yet. Trading bars with the equally matched Wockhardt, the duo makes interlaces as many disses as they can in under two minutes. PJ may also have some of the most aggressive ad-libs too.

C.O.E – 150 Anthem

One of the biggest tracks in the list goes to “150 Anthem.” Featuring LA Staxks, Mdot, Dev Money, 150 EBK, 150 Wiz & COE Wiki, the six of them make one of the hardest songs in the list. Everyone is evenly matched, everyone bringing as many dissing bars as possible.

Velly Vellz – Mike Tyson

While most tracks in this list are more of the sample drill type, Velly Vellz takes a more standard drill approach. Comparing all of his shots to Mike Tyson, Velly disses as much as possible throughout his track. He can never get caught lacking.

PNV Jay x Shoota Shawn – Gods Of Drill (Prod. By 808Arc)

Claiming to start the drill wave, the duo throws away the king of Bronx crown & replaces it with God status. With everyone following their wave, they try to throw them off their trail with a massive call out. Bars to match, they seem untouchable with every verse.

and I got to keep a weapon
357 shoot 4 but it hold 6

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