Final Fantasy VII Samples & Hip Hop

With Final Fantasy VII’s remake slowly rolling out, there are many people just discovering the game. With that, some classic tracks from its soundtrack can be heard. Here, we’ll go over some of the times its been sampled in hip hop.

Xavier Wulf – Mobile Suit Woe (Prod. PurpDogg)

Sampling “Ahead on Our Way,” Memphis rapper Xavier Wulf does a darker spin on the song. With the help of PurpDogg, they give it a proper Memphis rap treatment with classic flows & heavy 808s. This isn’t just for a gimmick either, the whole mixtape of Blood Shore Season 2 impressively keeps a similar vibe.

DJ Green Lantern, Prinz & Kool G Rap – We G’z (2006)

Going over Nobuo Uematsu’s “Let the Battles Begin! (Battle Theme),” DJ Green Lantern got Kool G Rap to take a stab at the soundtrack. Along with Prinz, they give some quintessential New York-flavored raps. Having been active since the 80s, it can be safe to assume Kool G Rap has rapped over everything.

Danny Brown – Lincoln Continental (prod. brandUn DeShay)

Doing a flip of “Main Theme from Final Fantasy VII,” this Danny Brown track landed on his album The Hybrid as a bonus track. The track was produced by brandUn DeShay, who was just embarking on his own solo work away from Tyler, The Creator’s Odd Future collective. The album this appeared eventually led to getting Danny Brown signed, and we got to see him link with brandUn DeShay link back again on the XXX track “Pac Blood.”

Xavier Wulf – Public Announcement (prod. Lord Vicious)

Another Xavier Wulf cut, this time going over Nobou Uematsu’s song “Who Are You,” the Lord Vicious produced track appeared on Blood Shore Season 1. Perfectly fitting in with the cloud rap stylings of the time, the track is beautifully atmospheric thanks to its original sample.

21 Savage – Immortal

Made for the Mortal Kombat 11 soundtrack, 21 Savage also has sampled the Final Fantasy VII soundtrack. On his song “Immortal,” he does a flip of the song “Anxious Heart.” Why did they decide to go with a FFVII track for a Mortal Kombat game? Who knows, but it does work incredibly well.

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