FiveFingersNoah New Mixtape “Medication: Zyanose” Releasing October 13th

Texas artist FiveFingersNoah will be releasing a new project in 2023. Titled Medication: Zyanose, it will releases October 13th. Features on the project include Maeve, Dani Kiyoko and more.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Haha
  2. One Man Army
  3. Beakers & Tweakers
  4. Jason (ft. Luca & Pistolero)
  5. Pronto (ft. Chapters226)
  6. Narcan
  7. Cashapp Glitch
  8. Dirty Bastard (ft. Maeve)
  9. Corner Store Freestyle
  10. New George Michael
  11. OK Freestyle – Interlude
  12. Rock (ft. Ahmed)
  13. Move Through the Hills (ft. Dani Kiyoko)
  14. Rock (alt.) [bonus track] ft. Ahmed
  15. Blood on My Shirt [bonus track]

From the Bandcamp description:

Medication: Zyanose coordinated and designed by Noah with cover art creation by Amari. Oversaw by shyneoutkid & funded by 8 Ball Radio. Assistance from Killstreak Certified with general hosting by Blake Bryant. Mixed and mastered for 6 months straight by ⋈ɐᵒN, location: 33°7′45″N 97°6′13″W.

Pre-Order on Bandcamp

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