Fivio Foreign – 800 B.C. (Woo Wednesday Review)

Fivio’s follow-up EP shows slight growth but its marginal. As his notoriety grew, more eyes were directed to him for a bigger & better release. He did deliver to an extent on this release, showcasing new flows and stronger production than before. His flow is a bit cleaner on this one too, not leaving as much space in his bars leaving the work up to his adlibs.

His intro track “Drive By” establishes that. The flow is much tighter than ever before, toning down his voice giving him the feel of being collected on a track. He still feels incredibly hype on the track however, leaving a lot of the work to be done by his adlibs instead. The subtle piano in the background is a nice touch, with the hi hats panning around everywhere giving the track a full feel. The growth is apparent when the tracks are stacked against “Big Drip,” which also shows up on this project.

Features are on this project compared to his last, which was minimal previously. On this one, Meek Mill appears for the song “Demons & Goblins.” Meek’s style is based entirely off the hype of his voice, so he compliments Fivio perfectly on the track. While Meek is more refined in his style, they both make for one of the better tracks on the album.

The EP isn’t without its share of weak tracks though, with “Wetty” being the biggest offender. The song feels like a clone of “Big Drip” yet more toned down. The song is twice the length that it should be, feeling overly long. Fivio tells the story getting with a woman at the deli in least interesting possible.

Toward the end of the track list is “Issa Vibe,” which is him trying his hand at an autotuned melodic banger. He doesn’t succeed though, feeling like an obnoxious attempt at the style rather than something enjoyable. A style change that does appear here is & is successful is on “Ambition.” It moves from the drill sound & into a bouncier NY style, something that Fivio finds the pockets in easily. Lil Tjay appears on the track to give a proper melodic sound.

800 B.C. shows slight growth & new styles from Fivio, but it’s not enough. As he’s proven on features after this release, he’s a force to be reckoned with. His growth has seemingly only begun, and he will become an act to look out for in the future. For now, he’s far from the best.

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