Fly Anakin & foisey. Releasing EP Titled Skinemaxxx (Side A) April 5th

Fly Anakin of the Mutant Academy returns to release a new EP for the new year. Coming off the back of the incredibly underrated album Frank from 2022, the new EP will be titled Skinemaxxx (Side A). In collaboration with foisey., the EP will release on April 5th.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Intro
  2. Blicky Bop
  3. Cafeteria (Skit)
  4. Sudden Death (Biggest Fan) feat. Big Kahuna OG
  5. Outsidigan’s Anthem
  6. Bonnet Music
  7. Love Song (Grand Marquis Version)
  8. Affirmations feat. Pink Siifu
  9. After School (Skit)
  10. Suppression
  11. Blizzies With GoQuan
  12. Channel 69 (Skit)

While the tracklist amounts to 12 tracks, there are a sizable amount of skits. Thankfully, that’ll be alleviated by the inevitable Side B that should release. The features include Pink Siifu & Big Kahuna OG, usual but fantastic collaborators of Anakin’s.

Constantly collaborative, this release is another amongst his myriad of collaborations. In July of 2022, he dropped a collab with New York producer ewonee titled mirrors_episode.2. In April of 2022, he released Another Big Fly 420, Again. with Big Kahuna OG. Possibly his most important collab has been FlySiifu’s with Pink Siifu, an album that’s presence has seemed to last year over year since 2020.

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