G.T. New Album “Owe It To Myself” Releasing August 11th

Michigan rapper G.T. will be releasing a new album in 2023. The album will be titled Owe It To Myself, and will release August 11th. Features on the album include Shawny Binladen, Samuel Shabazz, Pooh Beatz, Ju Cash, Lucki, G Herbo, DeJ Loaf, Babytron & Certified Trapper.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Intro (ft. Pooh Beatz)
  2. It Get Deep (ft. Shawny Binladen)
  3. What Are The Odds
  4. Blow That Money
  5. Keep It In The Family (ft. Samuel Shabazz)
  6. Name It
  7. Take Off (ft. Ju Cash)
  8. City ID (ft. Lucki)
  9. Hold On (ft. G Herbo)
  10. Sport Talk (ft. DeJ Loaf)
  11. Back on Tour (ft. Babytron & Certified Trapper)

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