Glokk40Spaz New Deluxe “After TTBR” Releasing March 1st

Atlanta rapper Glokk40Spaz will be releasing a new deluxe in 2024. Titled After TTBR, the deluxe will release March 1st. This release serves as a deluxe to his 2023 release, Took the Biggest Risk. There are nine new tracks for this release.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Ace of Spades
  2. Enough Ammo (Remix) ft. Young Nudy
  3. Glokk’$ On Me
  4. See Yall Again
  5. Open Cases
  6. Good 2 Go
  7. How 2 Drive
  8. Codeine Dreamz (ft. Osamason)
  9. 4 Walls on a Island (Interlude)
  10. Enough Ammo
  11. Forgot My Manners
  12. 3rd World
  13. Different Goals
  14. Fuck Sum
  15. Watchu Sayin
  16. Face Card
  17. Blame Us
  18. I Got A Army
  19. Tailor Made
  20. Levels Vol. 2
  21. Backdoor
  22. All Black (ft. Babysolid)
  23. 8 Mile
  24. Yung Killa Camp
  25. Get Wicked
  26. Take A Risk


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