Great John 2021 Producer Playlist

Great John is a producer from New Jersey that has been helping carve out the modern drill sound of New York. Having been working since 2005, it seems he’s finally getting his flowers. After working on Sheff G & Sleepy Hallow’s first projects, his reputation has only grown. Here we’ll recap some of his best tracks of 2021.

Uncle Murda – Rap Up 2020

Uncle Murda’s Rap Up series has been one to look out for. He recaps the years events in an endless fashion. On this track in particular, it’s a whole fifteen minutes. Done by anyone this could have been a snooze, but backed with a beat by Great John, this track is anything but that.

Eli Fross – Exposing Me Part II

The original Exposing Me has been something of legend, having warranted countless remixes. Eli Fross was featured on a remix in 2019, and he’s back for blood on this one. Addressing beefs with 2605, its easily one of his rawest tracks. While this beat may not be the original Exposing Me, this one is just as worthy of hundreds of remixes.

What’s up with that 2-6 shit? I carry ’bout two, six clips

I’ll make you a 2-6 spliff for jackin’ that 2-6 shit, like

Your mans died, you ain’t get back on some 2-6 shit, huh

Put two holes in his six pack, now 2-6 shit (Pussy)

Sleepy Hallow – 2055

Sleepy Hallow has worked with Great John since his first tape, and their chemistry has only grown since then. Sleepy is great at the drill sound, but 2055 takes a more laxed spacy vibe with the same lyrical content he’s been known for. This is a sound that pushed even further Sleepy’s album Still Sleep?, which has the majority of the production done by Great John. On these tracks, we get to hear a different side of Great John that Sleepy seems to be one of very few that are able to tap into.

Sheff G – Drum Dummy

Someone else that is able to tap into a similar aesthetic is Sheff G. Sheff’s prison sentence has definitely stunted his traction as an artist, but tracks like “Drum Dummy” shows the potential to be on the same level on Sleepy. His singing is much more refined than others in the scene, his husky voice of his caliber is one that isn’t heard too often. Since both Sheff & Sleepy’s sounds are on a similar path, it would be quite interesting to hear a full project between the two of them backed by Great John.

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