Gucci Mane 2021 Recap Playlist

Gucci Mane has continued to remain relevant not only by continuing his consistency going, but also by building a new record label. Putting together some of the brightest new stars in hip hop today, Gucci himself has been sounding reinvigorated working with them. Today we’ll take a look at some of those tracks during his 2021.

Gucci Coming 4 You [Ice Daddy]

I don’t sign artists no more, I recruit soldiers

On his only solo album in 2021, Gucci continues to prove why he’s been at the top for so long. On “Gucci Coming 4 You,” he plays with hook of “Freddy’s Coming for You,” attributing it to himself. The beat is provided by Mike-Will Made It, and feels almost industrial with these constant gun cocking sound effects running throughout the beat. Its easily one of Gucci’s more interesting sounding songs in awhile, and it completely pays off.

Poppin (w/ BigWalkDog) [So Icy Boyz & Ice Daddy]

A song so good it was not only a single, but was also on both Gucci Mane’s solo album & the label’s album. While artists like Pooh Shiesty have gotten a massive amount of spotlight put on them, artists like BigWalkDog have been putting in the work too. The New 1017 artist gets to shine on this track, his southern drawl brings you into his hypnotic flows. Gucci is tagged on to the back end of the track, but doesn’t slack in the slightest.

Street Ni66a Christmas [So Icy Christmas]

As what has been come a Christmas tradition, Gucci dropped a Christmas song. This track is handled on production by Zaytoven, a duo that go back to the beginning of Gucci’s career. While it isn’t instrumentally a Christmas track, the production being a more standard trap affair, Gucci still comes through with his Christmas themed lyrics. While the track is fun being a Christmas themed trap track, the final verse still sets us in reality with the dangers of street life.

Big Chant [So Icy Boyz Deluxe]

Gucci throughout his career has always had women on his tracks, and now he has his own artist on The New 1017. Coming from Texas, Enchanting brings her own style to the label. “Big Chant” is a perfect intro, showcasing her cold delivery on the track. Gucci teams up with her to give a proper cosign on the track.

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