Guilty Simpson & Uncommon Nasa New Album “Escalation” Releasing October 13th

Michigan MC Guilty Simpson will be releasing a new album in 2023. Produced by Uncommon Nasa, the album will be titled Escalation. The album will release October 13th, and will have features from Shortrock, Guillotine Crowns & Quelle Chris.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Spillage (w/ Shortrock)
  2. Fast Talk Maturity
  3. Smokers Guilt
  4. The Devil
  5. The Era That Doesn’t Know (w/ Guillotine Crowns)
  6. S.T.F.U.
  7. Easy
  8. Can’t Trust Them (w/ Shortrock)
  9. Stakeouts (w/ Quelle Chris)
  10. Ratz
  11. Rumble
  12. Storms Coming

Pre-Order on Bandcamp

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