Legendary producer Harry Fraud

Legendary producer Harry Fraud has had an endless 2021, here we’ll recap his year.

Jim Jones – Say A Prayer (ft. Curren$y & Jay Worthy) [The Fraud Department]

The resurrection of Jim Jones has been an unexpected one, but admittedly a welcome one. To get to this point has been a slow one but it has culminated into what may be the best album of his career. On this song, Jim Jones drops bars on the political status of current events and his interactions with police. Jay Worthy drops a prime French Montana-esque hook and Curren$y glides over Fraud’s production as he does best.

Benny The Butcher – Overall (ft. Chinx) [The Plugs I Met 2]

Benny The Butcher dropping a good project is no surprise. Harry Fraud dropping a good project is no surprise. What is a surprise is to hear a Chinx verse & hook in 2021. The rapper that died just as he was starting to become one of the biggest out of his city appears on this track. Chinx’s best songs were always with Fraud and his verse on this track is no exception.

Dark Lo – Auntie Had Withdrawals [Borrowed Times]

Dark Lo has been on a grind for years and has just started to get bigger traction in underground circles. Now he is currently facing seven and a half years, which makes the title of this project all the more depressing. On this track, Harry Fraud gives Dark Lo one of the most bittersweet sounding instrumentals possible. He details his hustle to live a good life, with one of the most notable bars being about giving his own aunt a fix.

Dave East – Just Another Rapper [HOFFA]

Fraud gives another unexpected collaboration with Dave East. While Dave East gets a lot of hate for a boring style, Dave East delivers a slightly different vocal inflection. This paired with Harry Fraud’s production elevates this new project to incredible heights. The track “Just Another Rapper” is notable due to regular trap bounce, instead of Fraud’s normally mellow & smooth production. This leans to Fraud’s hitmaking abilities, something he is equally talented at.

Curren$y – The Venture Cup (ft. Jay Worthy) [Regatta]

Regatta sees the return of one of the best rapper and producer duos out. Regatta had recently suffered some issues with its streaming availability due to sampling, but thankfully songs like The Venture Cup remain intact. While dropping his usually buttery production, he also introducing a new producer tag into the mix. This potentially implies an even bigger year for Harry Fraud ahead.

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