Hell Razah & RoadsArt Album “Renaissance Art” Releasing February 24th

Wu-Tang Clan affiliate Hell/Heaven Razah returns for a third full length album with producer RoadsArt. The album will release on February 24th, titled Renaissance Art. The album will be eleven tracks, with the instrumentals for it releasing alongside it.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Creation of Adam
  2. St. Jerome In His Study
  3. Lamentation of Christ
  4. The Battle of San Romano
  5. Delivery of the Keys (feat. Deniro)
  6. La Primavera – Interlude
  7. The Birth of Venus
  8. Holy Trinity (feat. Eloheem Team)
  9. School of Athens – Interlude
  10. Praying Hands (feat. Oksajin)
  11. The Last Judgment
  12. Creation of Adam (Instrumental)
  13. St. Jerome In His Study (Instrumental)
  14. School of Athens (Instrumental)
  15. Battle of San Romano (Instrumental)
  16. Delivery of the Keys (Instrumental)
  17. La Primavera (Instrumental)
  18. The Birth of Venus (Instrumental)
  19. Holy Trinity (Instrumental)
  20. School of Athens (Instrumental)
  21. Praying Hands (Instrumental)
  22. The Last Judgment (Instrumental)

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