HNDRXX vs. Views – A MyMixtapez Playlist

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The question no one asked, MyMixtapez brought forward. Found on their playlist page, you can find a playlist titled HNDRXX vs. Views. This playlist mashups up the two albums into a Verzuz style battle, having the tracks go back & forth for the audience to decide the winner. The tracklist of the playlist is as follows:

  1. Future – My Collection
  2. Drake – Keep The Family Close
  3. Future – Comin’ Out Strong (ft. The Weeknd)
  4. Drake – 9
  5. Future – Lookin’ Exotic
  6. Drake – U With Me
  7. Future – Damage
  8. Drake – Feel No Ways
  9. Future – Use Me
  10. Drake – Hype
  11. Future – Incredible
  12. Drake – Weston Road Flows
  13. Future – Testify
  14. Drake – Redemption
  15. Future – Fresh Air
  16. Drake – Faithful (ft. dvsn & Pimp C)
  17. Future – Neva Missa Lost
  18. Drake – Still Here
  19. Future – Hallucinating
  20. Drake – Controlla
  21. Future – New Illuminati
  22. Drake – Views
  23. Future – Turn On Me
  24. Future – Fire & Desire

We have brought the full playlist over to YouTube as a more accessible format, also to avoid the awful MyMixtapez app.

HNDRXX vs. Views

The question remains though, who wins? Is it one of Drake’s most hyped releases to date? Does the black sheep in Future’s discography win? One omission from this playlist is Future’s track “Sorry,” which one could say is because it wouldn’t be able to fit the Verzuz style the playlist aims for. In reality, its because this would swing the win towards Future. Metro Boomin & Future’s last collaboration to date would be too powerful a duo & ruin the matchup. While HNDRXX is unfortunately nerfed here, it still holds a strong competition.

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