iayze! New Album Titled “Reverence” Releasing March 7th

Never slowly down from working, rapper iayze! is releasing his first album for 2023. The new project, titled Reverence, will be releasing March 7th. Already coming off the back of two EPs from this year, this project ups the score with twenty-nine tracks. While those EPs featured more of a theme, with Monarch 2: Rock embracing a pop punk aesthetic & ##GGP #B4REVERENCE doing Chief Keef / Glo Gang beats, its safe to assume this one will feature much more range.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Famous 2
  2. V8 Engines
  3. V8 Engines
  4. Oh Allah, I Wear Christians
  5. Get Use 2 the Taste
  6. Duh I Can Handle This
  7. Subliminal Messages 2
  8. Dee in a Cuttas
  9. Nitro
  10. Call on Me
  11. Like Sosa, Bang, Bang, Baby
  12. The Hills
  13. See Different
  14. Are You Knowledged?
  15. Bed Side
  16. How We Come to This?
  17. 2 Exotic
  18. Let’s Diss Jace! (Fuck Iayze 4)
  19. Second Chances
  20. Losing Her
  21. Lost in a Dream (Interlude)
  22. Let It Beat
  23. I See (2 Many)
  24. Yo Ex Nigga
  25. Laylow
  26. Gostyle 2023 Freestyle
  27. Dial Tone
  28. Green
  29. My Kids & Money

iayze!’s release schedule only seems off to a slow started compared to his previous year. In 2022 alone, he release a total of eleven EPs, two albums, and one deluxe. Amongst these release saw his biggest singles yet, “556 (Green Tip)” got some amount of traction on platforms like TikTok. Along all these projects, he explored a wide range of sounds. Projects like Untold Legacy & Never Forget embraced the Regalia genre, while others like Monarch 2: Melodic showed more of his PluggnB style.

556 (Green Tip)

Across this entire tracklist, the only feature that appears is Mixed Matches on the interlude. While iayze! doesn’t usually have many features on his projects, other projects had features from Mixed Matches & the album Virtuous had features from Summrs, across twenty-nine tracks is impressive. With such a consistent track record though, the Fort Worth, Texas rapper is sure to deliver.

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