ICYTWAT – Siddhi World (Review)

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When ICYTWAT picked up the mic, it was recommendable to put it down. Trading his usually clean production for the new murkier sound was initially jarring as well. Yet, with the release of Siddhi World, he shows slight improvement on the mic but also massive improvement behind the boards as well.

His sound feels more confident than previously, while not completely abandoning it. The hooks here stick much more, with catchier delivery than ever. While the verses lack a lot to be desired, the small improvement from the last project is felt in comparison.

What’s clear is the production over last time. It still captures the raw & muddy mix from last time, but slightly cleaner with a broader range of influences. A track like “Porsche Truck” feels like a late-00s trap anthem with the synth & drum work, but quickly gets twisted to his own signature style. Meanwhile “Give Her Soul” sounds like a Bizarro-world version of his older sound, spacy synths but this time they feel like they’re from the depths of hell.

ICYTWAT – Porsche Truck

While his rapping has been improving, its clear that he’s pulling the influence from other rappers such as Lucki. ICYTWAT’s flows are so identical to modern Lucki that it might be mistaken for them if it wasn’t for the lower toned voice. Keeping this in mind, it also asks the question of why to even listen to ICYTWAT over Lucki.

As mentioned previously, ICYTWAT completely lacks on the verses. Every track feels like a freestyle, even the better tracks here like “Porsche Truck” feel exclusively built for just a hook. Meanwhile his contemporaries are not only stronger lyrically, but have plenty more emotion in their voice. “Back Wit My Ex” sounds bored & tired, but in the hands of someone else it would be an immediate hit.

This new era of ICYTWAT feels like its missing something. It lies strictly in his rapping, as proven by the new track with THOTO under the name THOTTWAT. THOTO is a much more competent rapper that creates these layered & dense verses, and sounds perfect for ICYTWAT’s production. Yet, when it comes to the solo material, ICYTWAT can not deliver the same.


This may be an EP, but this is a teaser for a bigger solo album. With such little improvement made, it makes it harder & harder to get excited for the main project. There is such a lack of ideas on the rapping end that it conversely makes you appreciate his contemporaries more. His name is one to always look forward to when it comes to production, but with each release he makes it difficult to support as a rapper.

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