In Memoriam: Big Scarr

Memphis rapper Big Scarr passed away on December 22nd, 2022, reportedly from an accidental drug overdose. The young talent was a core member in Gucci Mane‘s New 1017 imprint, featuring frequently on the label’s compilations and on other member’s work. As a Memphis trap artist, Scarr was beloved for his thick drawl, percussive flow, and ubiquitous chain rattles. While Scarr only released one album (with an extensive deluxe) in his lifetime, he showed mainstream potential through his brand of unembellished, viral appealing trap with a high profile XXL Freshman showing. He was even primed to go on tour with fellow Memphis star Key Glock, which surely would have been a major career move.

Beloved by his peers and a bright spot in his niche, Scarr is sadly yet another in a series of lives and careers lost too early to the very practices that helped catapult them to the top. Here we will discuss some of his most notable work.


From his debut mixtape Big Grim Reaper, “Frozone” serves as the single best representation of what Big Scarr was all about – and it’s not particularly complicated. Over such playful keys by Memphis trap mainstay Bandplay, the track kicks off with Scarr’s signature ice ringing in your ear; while he’s far from the first to use this gimmick, few did it as frequently and clearly as him. What follows is an anthemic flow that somehow feels like a victory lap even on his first project. Claiming his nickname-sake after The Incredibles, Scarr lets off bar after bar of typical shit talk elevated by his magnetic energy.

“First Time In Vegas”

One of the last tracks Scarr dropped before passing, “First Time In Vegas” is all the more painful to hear knowing his fate only months later. Another Bandplay production, “First Time In Vegas” gives the impression of a freestyle, with Scarr simply venting some feelings on his come up and proud position in the game; it must be surreal coming from nothing to being one of the hottest and most successful in Sin City, as evoked by the single art.

The “SoIcyBoyz” series

Most fans’ introduction to Big Scarr was likely through the SoIcyBoyz series. Gucci Mane has proven himself as one of the best A&R’s in trap today, with his label The New 1017 chock full of talent and stars. He signed Scarr in 2019 after hearing the breakout single “Make a Play“, leading to many appearances on the label’s subsequent compilation tapes (notably the new 80 track So Icy Boyz: The Finale). Scarr featured heavily on the tape’s title tracks, showing chemistry with all his label mates (particularly Foogiano and Pooh Sheisty), and a proclivity for Tay Keith’s flavor of trap. All this being said, Scarr was not just another dope trap artist in a vacuum; he was key to a burgeoning collective and movement in the genre, beloved and respected by many.

“Joe Dirt”

Long way from trapping up out the apartments,
Now I hit the stage with the racks in my garments

“Joe Dirt” will go down as the quintessential Big Scarr track. One of his most popular – with 10 million views on YouTube as of now – it continues the “Frozone” pattern on Big Grim Reaper of bar heavy, upbeat piano trap that never sacrifices its toughness. Scarr once again speaks on how his life has changed with fame, having everything he dreamed of but staying true to himself after years of grinding. While Scarr might have accomplished what he set out to, we can only wonder what heights he might have reached if not for his sad, and all too common fate.

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