In Memoriam: JayDaYoungan

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Another rapper tragically taken from us far too early, Jaydayoungan was at the forefront of the pain scene and deep south drill. The Louisiana artist was special for how he imbued every song with such raw emotion, rapping about everything from hustling and violence to relationships and trauma, as well as a phenomenal ear for melodies. Only 24 years old and slain while with his father, Jay will live on through the enormous impact he had on his fans and hopefully as a symbol of peace for the future.

Here we will discuss some of his career highlights.

“Purge” (Forever 23, 2018)

The introduction to Jay’s best album Forever 23, “Purge” serves as a great introduction to his style. Between the acoustic guitar sample which shows up on so much of his work and the monotone, yet endearing crooning he employs, this is just quintessential Jay and one of his toughest records. The subtle groove to the beat also shows off the Louisiana sensibilities in his music.

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“Opps” & “Jungle” (with Yungeen Ace)

Not only are “Opps” and “Jungle” two of the best, most popular songs out of the entire deep south drill scene, but they also serve as perfect examples of the chemistry and friendship Jay had with Yungeen Ace. Between these hits and the rest of their collab tape Can’t Speak On It, the two had just the right vocal contrast to make some infectious bangers.

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“Heaven Gates” (All is Well, 2022)

Jay’s most recent release All Is Well stood out in his discography, and it featured the phenomenal “Heaven Gates”. On this track, he pays tribute to hometown hero and major influence Kevin Gates while bringing some of his highest energy ever. While Jay might’ve been dissing on this song, you can’t help but hear himself reflected in the lyrics, making for something chilling, yet beautiful.

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Rest in Peace, JayDaYoungan… Forever 23

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