In Memoriam: Lamont Dozier

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Lamont Dozier’s career was one of legend. So many producer & song writing credits under his name, with quite a strong solo career to match. Just a quick skim of his work is jaw dropping, from artists such as The Supremes, Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, The Isley Brothers, and many, many more. While his work falls under the Motown sound, his work has been sampled countless times in hip hop. Here is a collection of some of the best sample flips.

Madvillain – Fancy Clown (ft. Viktor Vaughn & Allah’s Reflection)

A unanimous classic, the producer duo of MF DOOM & Madlib’s album is held to the highest regard. Yet, not a single song on the album has the strong storytelling ability of the track “Fancy Clown.” Being a flip of Z.Z. Hill’s “That Ain’t The Way You Make Love,” Lamont Dozier’s production of the track makes for a classic as is. Somehow, Madlib was able to make just as classic of track.

Ghostface Killah – Saturday Night

There’s a reason Ghostface Killah’s Supreme Clientele sounds as illustrious as it does. Its beautiful usage of samples along with Ghost’s incredible presence & lyrical ability make this album an essential listen. Of course Lamont Dozier was one of the artists to be sampled amongst the incredibly deep sample list. Using his solo track “Shine” from the album Black Bach, Ghost drops a single verse but one of the most memorable on the album.

OutKast – Jazzy Belle

OutKast has a damn near perfect career of albums. Their work has stood the test of time, and probably will for many more years to come. Amongst their phenomenal work lies a Lamont Dozier sample also from the album Black Bach. Using the song “Prelude” as a sample, they crafted one of the best the songs on ATLiens with the track “Jazzy Belle.”

Juicy J, DJ Drama & Project Pat – Fish Ain’t Bitin

Using the strongest track on Lamont Dozier’s Out Here On My Own, the brother duo of Juicy J & Project Pat took the track & made some prime late 00s trap. The original track “Fish Ain’t Bitin” features Lamont singing his heart out, and here his voice becomes a sample that gets interweaved into the bassy trap anthem. It may not be the best of the sample flips, but it proves how flexible his tracks can be with the right producer behind them.

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