In Memoriam: Young Slo-Be

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Stockton, California rapper Young Slo-Be has recently passed. A burgeoning star, he had reached a new level of popularity with his track “I Love You.” His ability to calmly rap the most aggressive bars on the track was akin to Drakeo The Ruler. This along with his beat selection abilities made him one of the most exciting artists to rise. Taken far too early, we’ll go over some of his best tracks.

Young Slo-Be – I Love You (Do You Love Me Baby)

Inspiring a TikTok challenge, this song is far from a typical TikTok song. Detailing a relationship filled with cheating & gang violence, infused with a R&B sample that perfectly juxtaposes his menacing style. This song is his masterpiece, blending everything that makes him & the Cali scene in general special.

Young Slo-Be – Stay On Point

Serving as a the proper intro to his short album, Nightmare On Seventh Street, this track directly addresses his local streets. Namedropping the local points & proving his current grind is music, he drops a singular verse that feels like his most anthemic work to date. The focus on his mind is clear, despite the constant paranoia that reigns throughout his lyrics. This song was apart of Jeff Weiss tweet in memoriam.

I remember Drakeo complaining in jail about the mediocrities stealing his style & telling him how Bris and Slo-Be were the only ones actually expanding upon it.

Jeff Weiss

Young Slo-Be – Take You

Almost feeling like a prelude what he would later do on “I Love You,” its another banging Cali style beat with an even more prominent vocal sample. Slowly becoming a master of the style, he details how the money-making trips get mixed up with relationships. As he would rather focus on women with the same money-making mindset, you can see where his priorities lie as he has similar lyrics on “Stay On Point.”

Dig the bitch man, I think we on the same grind
Everytime I look she talking money on her facetime

“Stay On Point”

Young Slo-Be – Ouwee (ft. DaBoii)

Named after his trademark adlib, Young Slo-Be teamed up with DaBoii to deliver one of his most menacing tracks. Starting off with an uplifting sample, its quickly flipped into something much more sinister. Both artists have some of the most notable flows to come out of Cali as of late.

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