In Memory of Fredo Santana

Four years since his death, Fredo’s music as still maintained some of the strongest drill music you can find. Here we’ll go over some of his best tracks.

Been Savage

This track is probably the closest he comes in comparision to his cousin Chief Keef. His use of autotune is much smoother than Keef’s though, Keef’s oddly adds to the rawness of his voice, while Fredo’s takes the edge of his voice. That isn’t met to distract from his bars, where he recalls the source of his traumas that still linger with him. Despite it all, he stays savage.

On That (ft. Chief Keef)

This track is one of Fredo’s rawest, as it doesn’t waste time with melodies. He raps ruthlessly about his lifestyle, and Keef’s energy matches his perfectly. While later tracks from him would feel slower in delivery, this one is fast paced, adding to the energy. Working through his discography, you truly get the sense of how diverse Fredo could be.

My Lil N*ggas (ft. Chief Keef & Lil Reese)

Fredo links with Lil Reese & Chief Keef to give a banger about how none of this fake. No matter what the cost, he will take you down. While “On That” showed a younger Keef, “My Lil N*ggas” shows a more refined Keef into the style we know him for. Whether it was the trap or the music, everyone that surrounded Fredo was making big moves.

War (ft. SD & Gino Marley)

As the Glory Boyz crew grew, so did Fredo’s feature list. Gino Marley would be a common collaborator with Fredo, meanwhile SD would become fairly close with Chief Keef. This track highlights just how big & strong a talent pool they had, as each one has an ominous verse.

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