In Memory of Virgil Abloh

Artistic Director of Louis Voutin and CEO of Off-White sadly passed away, here we’ll recap some of his mentions in hip hop.

Griselda – Dr Birds

Fresh off the back of the signing to Shady Records, Griselda dropped a single to their highly anticipated collaborative album. The video is done by legendary director Hype Williams and is possibly the best showcase of all of their talents. The hook is one of their catchiest today, and all of their verses have plenty of highlights on the bars side. The beat is one of the coldest possible, its barebones but still aesthetically pleasing.

Told Virgil write “Brick” on my brick (Write “Brick” on my brick)

Lupe Fiasco – SHOES

A bit different than a regular name drop, the song directly uses Virgil’s words about the creative process of a shoe. The entire song is an ode to sneaker culture, the hype and feeling of a brand new sneaker release. Lupe’s lyrics are as sharp as ever, detailing ever moment in the most vivid way. The song is deeper than just sneaker culture though, Virgil directly speaks on Ahmaud Arbery who was a black man murdered while running through his own neighborhood. Lupe’s lyrics are also from the perspective of Ahmaud Arbery.

With that, these shoes that we are about to design with words
Starts with a sole
Not a sole, but soul, you know, what touches you to earth
That’s floating in nowhere, the soul

Westside Gunn – LE Djoliba (ft. Cartier William)

Further into the Griselda references to Virgil, we have LE Djoliba. The album cover to the album is actually designed by Virgil also, in reference to the painting David with the Head of Goliath. The album was originally announced shortly after Virgil Abloh’s Off-White Paris fashion show. The two also live-streamed the project together on Twitch.

Front row, Virgil Abloh show, this n*gga GOAT


While Virgil may have not done this album cover, Virgil did do 2Chainz first album cover. Based On a T.R.U. Story is a pivotal moment in 2Chainz’s career, and its in part to the album cover. The album cover itself is one of the most iconic out there and was fresh off the other iconic album covers he had done like the Watch The Throne album cover. Virgil’s album covers always a had simplistic style but they were always extremely effective. He easily has some of the most iconic album covers in hip hop today.

Atlanta shit, I’m a fashion lover

Virgil Abloh did my first album cover

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