Izaya Tiji – Nevameant2b (Review)

Hip hop has been ever evolving, exploring more & more soundscapes constantly. A particular interest for more many is the more psychedelic feeling that it can bring. Enter Izaya Tiji’s Nevameant2b, an Ohio artist that is pushing the limits of what hip hop can be. His newest release is a journey to another world, a world built entirely by him.

A perfect example of this feeling is displayed on “Ten Big Bags,” a collaboration with BabySantana. The two share verses, with multiple layers of vocal effects that add so much to the tracks. Drenched in reverb & looping effects with the ethereal production creates these other worldly sounds. That paired with the lyrics of getting into it with another person make it sound like the trippiest fight ever.

Izaya Tiji’s flow has this peculiar way of feeling it is constantly rising. Songs like “Bee” have this flow, where it acts as like an arpeggio constantly raising & starting back at the bottom. Its a quirky technique that makes for an intriguing listen every time. While he doesn’t hold off lyrically, he is essentially another instrument within his own songs. This adds so much to the overall feeling of the songs.

Tracks that are focused on this icy soundscape can be heard on “Earth is Hell,” a track that he doesn’t fully show up till about fifty seconds in. The album is equally focused on the world & vibe along with the lyrics. This same song talks about the feelings of alienation in the common world, and the struggles that has caused him.

Some people can find similarity to what artists like Carti, UnoTheActivist & YEAT are currently doing. However none of those artists are creating feelings like what Izaya brings. These artists typically use a brighter soundscape, yet he breaks away. His tracks feel dark & saddened, while still maintaining enjoyability. An impressive balance to nail correctly.

This release is might be a challenging listen to the average listener, but for those wanting to dissect it there’s plenty here. The production here is show-stopping, breaking common perceptions of hip hop. His bars range from ignorant bangers to heartbreaks, adding enough range to the track list. With so much going on in each track its easy to miss many moments adding to its replayability. Creating such a dense listen is something special, and it makes for one of the better releases of the year already.

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