Joell Ortiz & L’Orange New Album “Signature” Releasing August 11th

One part of supergroup Slaughterhouse, Joell Ortiz will be releasing a new album. Teaming up with producer L’Orange, it will be titled Signature. The album will release August 11th, and will have features from KXNG Crooked, CyHi & Sheek Louch.

From the Bandcamp pre-order page:

On “Signature,” Joell Ortiz’s raw lyrical prowess converges with L’Orange’s creative brilliance, resulting in an album that is truly a musically collaborative masterpiece. Together, they infuse each track with a renewed artistic vision, meticulously reconstructed and reimagined. The result is a mesmerizing tapestry of sound that invites you to experience Joell Ortiz in a wholly novel and captivating way.

Drawing inspiration from Ortiz’s influential legacy, L’Orange crafts beats that exude an undeniable vintage charm, while also pushing the boundaries of sonic exploration. The attention to detail infuses the music with an intoxicating intensity, creating a striking fusion of classic hip-hop vibes and haunting undertones a sonic landscape that pays homage to Ortiz’s unparalleled talent while showcasing a new dimension of artistic expression.

“Signature not only showcases Joell Ortiz’s exceptional lyricism but also features esteemed collaborators who enhance the experience. Prepare to witness captivating guest appearances by KXNG Crooked, Cyhi, and Sheek Louch. Their unique contributions add layers of depth and dynamism, further elevating the album to new heights of musical exploration.

Each track on “Signature ” invites you on an immersive journey as
Joell Ortiz’s lyricism takes center stage, intertwining with L’Orange’s expertly crafted production.

Together, they reshape melodies, restructure arrangements, and infuse the lyrics with renewed meaning. This reinterpretation stands as a testament to Joell Ortiz’s undeniable talent as an artist, while L’Orange’s artistic touch adds a distinct flavor that enriches the music.
Prepare to be enveloped in a world where Ortiz’s words take on a renewed energy, where classic hip-hop beats intermingle with darker shades, and where the essence of

“Signature” is reimagined to demand your undivided attention. Joell Ortiz and L’Orange’s reinterpretation marks an audacious exploration of sonic boundaries-an homage to Ortiz’s legacy while boldly forging a new path in hip-hop. Get ready to experience a musical journey that celebrates the artistry of Joell Ortiz and the transformative vision of L’Orange.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Uncle Chris Car
  2. In My Feelings
  3. Housing Authority (ft. KXNG Crooked)
  4. One Day
  5. Masked Up
  6. OG
  7. Holy Ghost (ft. CyHi)
  8. Therapeutic
  9. Love is Love (ft. Sheek Louch)
  10. Doors Up

Pre-Order on Bandcamp

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