Junclassic & Chef Mike New Album “Afrocentric Alien” Releases July 14th

Member of Monsta Island Czars, Junclassic will be releasing a new album with Detroit producer Chef Mike in 2024. Titled Afrocentric Alien, the album will release July 14th. The album’s sole feature will be from Twan.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Be Full Intro
  2. The Black Penguin
  3. Bad Morning (ft. Twan)
  4. Ghost That Only I Ca See
  5. Jan
  6. Dirtee Dirtee
  7. Big Bolo at the Kumite
  8. All I’m Sayin’ Outro

From the Bandcamp description:

Have You ever felt different? From everyone? junclassic sought the thunderous, boom bap bapstized, cinematic sound of Chef Mike to delve into how different he is from his contemporaries, and, well, everybody. Take a journey into a realm where drums matter, Black is beautiful, and our protagonist “tries not to panic on the Titanic”. Oh, and the phenom known as Burnt Bakarak immediately requested to remix the project upon hearing it. The results are must hear music. This is a Common & Normal/Classified Recordings collaborative effort. Peace.

Pre-Order on Bandcamp

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