Kankan – Way2geeked (Review)

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After much teasing with various EPs & collabs, Kankan returns with a proper full length. Slowly building his catalog, his growth could be felt in retrospection. The production became more daring, pushing the limits of what the plugg / rage style can be. With this new release, he employs producers of all classes to make for a consistent experience.

Tracks like “hat4hat” see him working with high profile producers like Bighead, who give him a sound that fits perfectly with his style. Many layers are in the beat to make for a constantly evolving track, as Kankan sees him flexing all of his possessions. Even though he is working with producers with much larger credits, his sound isn’t sacrificed for a second.

A track like “Way2Geeked” sees him working with jetsonmade as well, even though the bouncy synths feel reminiscent of productions from jetsonmade’s artist Deskhop. The title track here perfectly captures what he is aiming for, a sound luxury that still bangs. It captures the feeling of being on multiple drugs simultaneously in the highest penthouse suite.

Kankan – Way2Geeked

The long-awaited collaboration between him & Lucki also appears here. The track, aptly titled “##RR##EFG” for both of their respective labels / groups, sounds like a perfect blend. A beat driven by horns that would’ve sounded seamless within Lucki’s album Flawless Like Me, but attached with rage synths & bass see the duo in the ideal collaboration. Both are at a drug-induced peak, where both are only taking the best drugs possible.

Soundscapes here are immaculate, as proven by “Fall On.” When the tracklist doesn’t feature the grimiest instrumentals possible, tracks like this are on a mission to bring you to a different world. Dealing with the fakes, he finds comfort within all the money & drugs.

With a never ending profile of music, his run seems to be ramping up. As he continues to get bigger looks within the industry, he grows as an artist. Already a master of his own sound, the question becomes, how far will he push it next?

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