Kay Flock takes the Sample Drill wave to the next level on his new tape.

Drill rapper Kay Flock seems to have been an overnight sensation, racking up millions of views on YouTube. While others in the current scene have dropped countless songs, his contemporaries like Shawny Bin Laden have dropped 50 some songs in this year alone, Kay Flock releases have been scarce. A risky strategy in this streaming age, but in his case it seems have paid off. The demand for his sound is high, as no one brings energy quite like him.

A perfect example of this is the first song on the tape, “Is Ya Ready.” The choir-like vocals directly conflict Kay Flock’s aggression on the track. As with most drill, Kay Flock aims his lyrics directly at his opps. With only one verse, he name drops his opps, details how he’ll come for the others, and makes times to say free his boy. Within just two minutes, Kay Flock is able to craft one of the most threatening songs in the scene.

Kay Flock – Is Ya Ready

This directly goes into “Being Honest,” which feels something of a passing of the torch moment. The track features G Herbo, a now veteran of Chicago’s own drill scene from many years prior. He fits perfectly on the song, dropping many lyrics about his status making out of Chicago yet still being traumatized from it. The song also features an XXXTENTACION sample, a moment that feels like a close on the now faded SoundCloud Miami scene. The sample feels like something of a sea-change. As we exit one era, we move to the next but won’t forget the previous.

“PSA” features a sample from a classic reggae song, “World A Reggae,” and flips it to a sound relevant to his situation. The sample is used as a menacing transition from verse to verse, claiming “Every opp shot.” Kay Flock’s lyrics show his lone wolf mentality, claiming the king of NY and that he doesn’t need an army. Kay Flock solo tracks end up being his strongest, allowing him to let loose on anyone and anything.

Kay Flock – PSA

The tape has no new songs, all being released either within the last month or the past year, but the tape is a good move in the right direction. Many do believe the drill scene has dried up after the death of drill innovator Pop Smoke, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

There are new drill songs seemingly every day when you search for them, 26AR for example has dropped an album’s worth of material since his previous EP totally to 12 songs. Kay Flock’s approach is a good sign because he is giving these previously loose tracks a home and a bigger platform for people to hear them. The approach of not oversaturating the market is a sign of bigger and better things to come.

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