Killah Priest 2021 Playlist Recap

Killah Priest has arisen to be one of the most prolific and abstract artists in the last couple of years. Completely changing his style with the release of Rocket to Nebula while forever increasing his lyrical skills, he’s been an act to look out for. Here while take a look at his prolific 2021.

Pagan [Lord Sun Heavy Mental 1.1]

This seven minute track is Killah Priest in one of his most artist statements. Taking the perspective of an old world Pagan god and connecting the beginnings of time to other events in the world at large, Killah’s words send you into a completely different world. The instrumental is sparse, sounding like a scene from a tribal sacrifice. This track is not for the faint of heart, being easily one of his most abstract tracks to date.

Listen to Lord Sun Heavy Mental 1.1

Wimbledon 1936 [Summer End Café]

Killah Priest continues to push the boundaries of his lyrical abilities on “Wimbledon 1936.” This track sends you to what feels like a 1930s café, everything from the instrumental to the voice that Killah puts on. He’s able to craft a bar fight story in just under three minutes. Every moment is wildly vivid, with an ending that feels similar to Kubrick’s The Shining.

Listen to Summer End Café

M.D.M. / Master Divine Master = Mind Detect Mind (feat. Planet Asia & Hus Kingpin) [Ragnarok]

While Killah’s discography is usually just solo, his Ragnarok EP is more focused on his collaborative efforts. This track finds him over normal production for once. The production is handled by Shaka Amazulu The 7th, who has also had a wildly prolific 2021. The song has remarkable verses from everyone on it, but easily the highlight on the song is Planet Asia.

Listen to Ragnarok

DMT Spirit Molecule [Divine Intervention]

If you’re looking for the wildly abstract story telling yet more standard hip hop production, his EP Divine Intervention is the one to look out for. On “DMT Spirit Molecule,” he highlights the feelings of a DMT trip. The production handled by True Master feels perfectly psychedelic and hypnotic, helping building the world around the track.

Listen to Divine Intervention

The Clan (ft. Cappadonna) [The Mantra]

Killah Priest would not be where he is today without the help of Wu-Tang Clan. On “The Clan,” he teams up with Cappadonna to bring a classic feeling Wu-Tang track. The producer Shroom brings a beautifully used sample that subtly says “The Clan” in the background. Killah touches into his Wu-Tang roots on his verse, talking about his connection to the group and love for them.

Listen to The Mantra

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