Killah Priest New Album “Vedic Vape Room” Releasing August 16th

Killah Priest is scheduled for another release in 2023. Releasing August 16th, the album will be titled Vedic Vape Room. There will be no features on the album, and the tracklist will be sixteen tracks.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Kybalion
  2. Vedic Vape Room
  3. King of Tyre
  4. Water Forms
  5. Baptism
  6. Living Waters
  7. Unknowing
  8. Monad
  9. Embraced by the Journey
  10. Smoked Tea
  11. Sri Yantra
  12. Valley of Eternal Flames
  13. Craft Latter
  14. The Craft
  15. Supreme Mind
  16. Comprehending Light Extended

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